Every Poet Needs A Muse

((And Every Muse Needs a Cause))

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Welcome to my communtiy, yourlogohere is for people who thrive on creativity, or just like to be original. YourLogoHere is open to any livejournal user, providing that the rules are followed. (They aren't crazy or obscured, so just read them and follow them.) Posting is also open. Anything from pictures & creations to poetry & politics. So enjoy.

The Fun Part (The Rules)

  • Just make sure your ideas are... your ideas. You may use other peoples pictures, or saying as long as you credit or quote. Anyone caught stealing someone else's work will be kicked out of the community and affliates of this community will be notified of the plagerism.

  • Q&A. Tell us about yourself. Please fill out the "form" (as seen below) in your first entry. If you feel uncomfortable answering any of the questions... you don't have to answer them. Just try to answer most of them. The "Three Pictures" part is manditory. They do not have to be three pictures of yourself per say, they can be representions of yourself. Please use a LiveJournal cut for all of these pictures.(ie: if you have a fun nickname like "corn" take a picture of corn.) ps- I have no idea where "corn" came from.

  • Cut! Please any large photos, icons 3 or more must be cut. Large icons are anything bigger then the layout page.

  • Program this. If you use any programs in making your art, please tell us what they are (ie: Adobe Photoshop, Jasc Animation Shop, Paint). These programs helped you make your creation and deserve credit too.

  • Spam is ugly. Promoting other communities that have noting to do with creativity, poerty, icons, or original ideas is prohibited. However... You may promote communities that have to do with this one, providing  you promote this community. If the community you are promoting does not allow promoting on their page, you may not have an entry promoting their community in this one. It is only fair.

  • Plagerism. I understand plagerism is real, and there are people out there who may not be as good of an artist as you are; looking to steal your work. (As i said before, anyone caught doing this will be kicked out of the community and affiliates will be notified.) Please protect yourself and mail a copy of your work to yourself, if you do not have it copy written. When you recieve your package in the mail... do not open it. Keep it in a safe place, and incase someone steals your work this package is a way of copy writing your own work without having to pay loads of money. This self mailing copy writing is good up to five (5) years. If and when you go to court, present the unopened package to the judge, the judge has to open it, see that the work was stolen and you win the case. I believe if the theif copywrote it- you may also sue the company.


Form to Fill Out:

Any Peircing Tattoo?:
Favorite Bands(just about ten):
How Did You Find Out About This Community?:
Most Hated Band/Artist:
Four Favorite Movies:
Worst Movie:
Two favorite Books
Favorite Food:
Favorite Quote:

Views on...

How many bites does it take to eat a reeses?:
If you were gay/lesbian/bisexual who would you "do":

Paper or Plastic?:

{3 clear pictures (or representations) of yourself} ::cut please::