under every scar, theres a battle I've lost (devereux1880) wrote in yourlogohere,
under every scar, theres a battle I've lost

Form to Fill Out:

Name: the Dev
Location: britain
Birthdate: 82
Sex: F
Sexuality: Sherlock Holmes
Any Peircing Tattoo?: Nope. Planning a tatto.
Favorite Bands(just about ten): Errr, make it rock and I'll probably be alright.
How Did You Find Out About This Community?: The animation interest, searched under.
Most Hated Band/Artist: Errr, can't off the top of my head.
Four Favorite Movies:Outside of Sherlock :p Withnail and I, Les apprentis, Tiny Toon summer vacation, Own Private Idaho
Worst Movie: I saw 'The Silk Stocking' a new Holmes film, was shite.
Two favorite Books: (again I could cite Sherlock)Melmoth the Wanderer, Notes from the Underground.
Favorite Food: Not-a-turd
Favorite Quote:'Naturally I shan't break through the wall with my head, if I'm really not strong enough, but I won't be reconciled to it simply because it's a stone wall and I haven't enough strength to break it down.' - Dostoyevsky

Views on...
Politics: Pointless.
College: Much the same, it seems.
Sex: My ex was better than my current, how depressing.
Drugs: face.
Parents: face.

How many bites does it take to eat a reeses?: A wha??
If you were gay/lesbian/bisexual who would you "do": I suppose you want one of each gender?? Errr,Sherlock Holmes (yes he IS real, he's real in my head) and err, female wise it's really predictable but Angelina Jolie.

Paper or Plastic?: Donkey Kong.

{3 clear pictures (or representations) of yourself} ::cut please::

Me and Kathleen Hanna, taken about 2 years ago. If you don’t know who Kathleen Hanna, then , , never mind. I’m on the left.

A mood icon from my LJ. The picture is Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes, I love Sherlock Holmes, and Jeremy Brett. I also love tea and have a weird sense of humour, so it’s a combo pik.

This just amuses me.

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