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Name: Sarah Joyce
Location: Huntington NY
Birthdate: October 27th, 1986
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Dedicated.
Favorite Bands(just about ten): Ben Folds, New Found Glory, Copeland, Piebald, Incubus, StretchArmstrong, Underoath, NSYNC, Mae, Brand New.

How Did You Find Out About This Community?: I am friends with the creator.
Most Hated Band/Artist: I don't really hate music. Music is music.

Four Favorite Movies: Saved, The Mummy, An Officer and a Gentleman, the new Dawn of the Dead.
Worst Movie: I don't like a lot of movies. But my opinion is always loosely based on the endings of movies.
Two favorite Books: Go Ask Alice, and I'm reading the prequel to the DaVinci Code called Angels and Demons, and I'm liking this a lot.

Favorite Quote: "Perfection is a word that hates to hear it's own name."

Views on Life: I only have one. I have to try and do my best at it.
Views on Politics: Moderately uninformed democrat.
Views on College: I go to Stony Brook. I like it here, but it's not completely for me.
Views on Sex: I don't do it but if you're in love, and you know you want it, then it's not my place to say no.
Views on Drugs: To each their own, but I don't do them.
Views on Parents: Parents just don't understand. A-thank you Will Smith.
Favorite Food: Ramen noodles.
How many bites does it take to eat a reeses?: One - three.
If you were gay/lesbian/bisexual: Who would you do and why?: If I were a lesbian, I would try and do this girl who lives in my building named Orla, she's english, and she's so so awesome. She has the best freakin personality ever.
Paper or Plastic?: Plastic.

Something that we dont know about you: I poop really quickly.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
That's what I looked like a year ago.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
My wonderful cousin Alexandra.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
To show my boyfriend a new shirt.

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