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Name: Tyler Cavanagh
Location: Hanover MA
Birthdate: 08/09/88
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Strait
Favorite Bands(just about ten): I listen to show tunes mostly but I like basically any country artist also…

How Did You Find Out About This Community?: Icon Factory
Most Hated Band/Artist: Korn

Four Favorite Movies: Coyote Ugly and Wet Hot American Summer
Worst Movie: A Tale Of Two Cities (worst book too)
Two favorite Books: The Percs of Being A Wall Flower

Favorite Quote: Too Many to Pick One

Views on Life: W/E
Views on Politics: Involved, Semi-Conservative Democrat
Views on College: I hope I can get in…
Views on Sex: J
Views on Drugs: I don’t use them cuz I have seen the affects first hand on too many people I love
Views on Parents: their my parents…
Favorite Food: TACOS
How many bites does it take to eat a reeses?: Just one, im a fat kid, duh!
If you were gay/lesbian/bisexual: Who would you do and why?: Umm I really don’t know…
Paper or Plastic?: Plastic

Something that we dont know about you: I’m going to be on Broadway some day, and that’s a guarantee*-*-

The first one is me and my friend Erin at the after party for Once On This Island…I was Papa Ge, Sly Demon on Death…that’s why I have on creepy make up, it was better in the show but I swet a lot of it off…It was only eye shadow…not face paint…

The secon one is a stage…that represents me cuz my life is on stage…and the third is drama masks…I got them from a whole thing of pics my friend sent me of drama stuff for a project!
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